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Elevate Your Creative Genius with Midjourney Workshop

Why Midjourney?

AI Image generators such as Midjourney are new powerful technology that can revolutionise the way companies work and significantly speed up creation and design process.  AI is a fantastic tool to use for various design solutions for marketing, presentation, visual communication, and storytelling.


It can help with visualising prototypes of products, easily create concepts and visual representations without the need for physical production. This can accelerate the innovation cycle, enabling companies to quickly iterate and refine their ideas.

Prerequisite for joining this course

Session 1: Midjourney introduction 

Length: 2.5 hours


In this zoom workshop I teach how to use Midjourney as a tool to achieve creative goals. In the first workshop, I teach the basics of the software, the interface, creating images, basic commands, variations and more. We'll work together, share our images, and learn from one another as we practise side by side.


No prior experience with AI or image generation is required. Participants should have basic computer literacy and an eagerness to explore creative possibilities through technology.



The interface

 A quick orientation tour on Discord and Midjourney website


How to write prompt correctly 

A “prompt” is the sentence or paragraph where we write and verbalise what we want to see. 


The various commands

There are different actions and tools available for us to use



Changing the software’s settings can give us different image results. We will go over the various options available.


Once we have generated an image, what can we do next?

I will explain how to keep working on an image until we get the result we want- We will explore variations, proportion, stylize, zoom in and out.

How to find ideas for prompts

We will explore the various ways to create a prompt 


Styles of creations

I will explain about different styles and themes available like: illustration, gothic, anime, vector art, linocut and more… a library of key words for prompts.


At the end of the workshop, the participants will receive an assignment to complete before the next workshop. This creative fun assignment will encourage practise and implementation of knowledge of what we learned.

Session 2: Midjourney in depth

Length: 2.5 hours


After having knowing the foundation of Midjourney, The second session explores and teaches how to use Midjourney as a practical tool for various creative solutions for your company.


This workshop will focus on creative thinking and inspiration.

We will explore mockups, environments, logos and symbols, concepts, images for presentations and more.


*You can decide on these goals before the workshop begins based on what your company needs.



A presentation

I will showcase various ideas of how Midjourney can help with marketing and creative thinking. 


Inspiration and research

An overview of Pinterest website and google images.

We will discuss target audience, visual research, artistic references and create mood-boards and words library in order to create a unique visual language that will suit our needs. 


Example exercises:


Create a creative scene or composition

This will be based on a known figure. We will focus of the clothing style, the context and background.


Create a unique fictional environment

This can be inspired by interior design, cinematography, nature, design trends etc...


Creating unique styles with “blend” command

Fun and creative exercise that mixes between images and prompts.


Create a mockup background for a product

We will decide on colour scheme, style, pattern or any supporting background

Creating realistic portraits of people

We are able to define and describe with words any kind of possible figure. We can add their age, facial expression, clothing style, use references and more.



Outcome: By the end of these workshops, participants will have a foundational understanding of AI image generation, hands-on experience using the Midjourney platform, and the ability to create AI-generated images for marketing and creative projects.