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Basic SEO

When I build websites,

I consider the SEO.

Wix platform allows you to optimise for Google search, 

It has many tools to do it and very easily. Further advanced SEO is also available with Wix.

Custom Design

Wix platform can enable any design that comes into mind. With my design and branding experience, I will create a beautiful website that will communicate your brand the best way to reach and engage with your target audience. At the same time

I will make sure that your website is user friendly.

What Do

I Offer?

Any Functionality

If it’s e-commerce,

Online Booking,

Subscription plan, newsletter or blog, Wix has all the solutions.

I know which tool will be optimal and how to integrate

it with no extra cost.

Mobile Version

The majority of websites are being seen on mobile phones. I will make sure that your website will not only beautiful but also user friendly on mobile.

Tech Support

After the project is complete,

you will be able to access as

a Wix owner, to Wix's support 24/7.

Professional Advice

I keep an open communication with all my clients and always aspire for

a creative dialogue and feedbacks.

I will share my design knowledge and experience with you and give you the professional advice you need.

How much does it cost?


£ 2,000

Classic Website/


Up to 15 pages

Landing Page/


£ 950

Fully Responsive

Website Built With 

Editor X


£ 2,600

My packages*

* Final quote can be

provided only with detailed specifications