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What People Say

"Working with Tal on my multiple projects has been joyful and productive experiences.

Tal approached each project with patience and full attention to details, bringing in endless creativity and professionalism.

Tal was able to translate my vision and my needs to products that engage my target customers and that I am very proud of."

Revital Goodman


"Since my website was launched, I received dozens of comments from visitors about its striking elegance and sense of spaciousness and lucidity.

This is thanks to Tal's refined artistic taste and her ability to draw out of me, while designing the site together, an aesthetic vision I didn't know I had. It came out much better than I had imagined"

Amir Freiman

Researcher & Author

Tal is a wonderful website designer and just a great person to have on your side when building your online presence. Tal and I communicated regularly about our ideas for the website, functionality and purposes, and Tal was forever curious, cooperative and proactive in advising and applying creative solutions. The clever rendition of concepts that Tal put forward really made all the difference. I would highly recommend working with Tal to anyone who is considering building their own unique website.

Guy Klein

CBT Psychotherapist


If you would like to reach out and discuss

a new project with me,

I would love to hear from you!

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Recent Works

A website for a psychotherapist who specializes in CBT. Working with the client, I have created a website that embodies Guy's calming and compassionate approach to therapy. The design language aims to create a serene and welcoming atmosphere, while also incorporating personal touches that are uniquely Guy's. Our goal was to create a website that feels like a safe and inviting space where anyone can come to get the help they need. I truly believe that a website can be more than just a digital presence - it can be a tool to help people feel seen, heard, and understood.

Guy Klein Psychotherapy


Welcome to London Ishi! It's your go-to website for guided tours around one of the coolest cities in the world- London! I've built this site using the latest and greatest tech from Wix's new Editor X, along with their super handy "Wix Booking" module. But that's not all - The homepage is not your average boring page. It's got all sorts of creative and interactive features that make it easy-peasy for you to find and book the perfect tour.

London Ishi


ERPIQ is a consultancy firm that specialises in Priority Software.

To showcase their expertise and services, they needed a website that was not only visually stunning but also responsive and user-friendly. That's where WIX's Editor X comes in- a cutting-edge platform that allows for the creation of beautiful and innovative websites with features like hover interactions and scrolling effects. With Editor X, I was able to build a website that not only looks great but also delivers a seamless user experience for their clients.



About Me

Hello, I am Tal Wagner, a graphic designer based in London, UK. My specialty lies in creating compelling Wix websites for small businesses. As an experienced freelancer, I am well-versed in illustration, branding, print, and digital design.


With the WIX platform as my trusty sidekick, I can whip up websites that are responsive, interactive, and downright gorgeous. I take the time to get to know my clients and their needs, so you can bet that the end result will be tailored to fit like a glove.

Apart from designing websites, I enjoy pursuing my creative interests such as painting abstract art and photography during my free time.

Are you ready to take your online presence to the next level?

I'm Tal Wagner

I build websites that are


Branding in your website is important to establish credibility with your audience.

I bring 15 years of my experience, creativity and knowledge to convey your brand's message to your target market in a beautiful way. I aim to create a website that will stand out in a competitive market.


Your visitor's experience while interacting with your website is highly important. In order to reach high conversions through your website, the visitors should navigate easily through the info in your website, understand your core message and to be able to reach out in a quick and easy way.


I create websites that look great in

all screens sizes. For the best user experience, I use the "mobile first" approach since in many cases, the majority of people who will visit your website, will do so with their smart phones. 

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