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Hi, I'm Tal Wagner, a graphic designer based in London, UK. 

I build and design Wix website for small businesses.

I have years of experience in branding, design for print & illustration and my main focus is digital design.

Originally from Israel, I'm a graduate of WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education. During years of experience, working as a freelancer, I developed various skills, while working with different industries in the market.

I build websites with WIX platform which allows me to create responsive, interactive and beautiful websites. I combine my technical experience with my design skills to achieve smart and professional websites. On my free time I love painting abstract art and taking photos.


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"Working with Tal on my multiple projects has been joyful and productive experiences.

Tal approached each project with patience and full attention to details, bringing in endless creativity and professionalism.

Tal was able to translate my vision and my needs to products that engage my target customers and that I am very proud of."

Revital Goodman


"Since my website was launched, I received dozens of comments from visitors about its striking elegance and sense of spaciousness and lucidity.

This is thanks to Tal's refined artistic taste and her ability to draw out of me, while designing the site together, an aesthetic vision I didn't know I had. It came out much better than I had imagined"

Amir Freiman

Researcher & Author

"Tal was helping me a lot with my website, where I was still stuck and getting stressed by things. I should or could have done but kept postponing due to my technophobic issues. One phone call with her and she was so nice and calming and straight away took over the tasks that needed to be finished with grace and efficiency. Not leaving anything behind."

Lola Fishbein

Movement coach & Pilates Teacher

London Ishi

London-Ishi is a website that sells guided tours around London. The website was built with Wix's new and advanced Editor X and "Wix Booking" module.

This website has a creative and interactive homepage that helps the user navigate between the tours and get to the right place.

Maestro Programme

A website for the Maestro Program- 

a unique coaching program for organisations, that is inspired by the practice of the music orchestra.

The aim of design was to compare and to draw a parallel line between the world of music and the world of workplaces.

Revital Goodman

A website for a psychotherapist.

Working closely with the client,

I have developed a design language that creates sense of serenity, personal touch and a quiet space.

Amir Freimann

A website for researcher and author Amir Friemann. This website outlines his research works, videos from his channel and his written articles in his personal blog.



Branding in your website is important to establish credibility with your audience. I bring 15 years of my experience, creativity and knowledge to convey your brand's message to your target market in a beautiful way. I aim to create a website that will stand out in a competitive market.


Your visitor's experience while interacting with your website is highly important. In order to reach high conversions through your website, the visitors should navigate easily through the info in your website, understand your core message and to be able to reach out in a quick and easy way.


I create websites that look great in

all screens sizes. For the best user experience, I use the "mobile first" approach since in many cases, the majority of people who will visit your website, will do so with their smart phones.